Authorized Testing, Inc.

"Around the world since 1973, pressure vessels and parts industry does not compromise on quality management, design validation and technical support"

Authorized Testing, Inc. is an internationally recognized and approved independent inspection agency providing Inspection and testing services to many high-pressure cylinder manufacturers worldwide whose product range from production type specification cylinders to the sophisticated Toroid Pressure Vessels for missile guidance systems.


With the push for alternative fuels, ATI has been amougst the leaders in the qualification and inspection of the large multi-component cylinders for natural gas and hydrogen fuel cell systems now being used in vehicle all over the world. 


 We also provide consultation on pressure vessel design as well as specification interpretation for all applications. ATI has assisted many clients in obtaining Special Permits to DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations to allow the use of new materials and pressure vessel designs. 


ATI was the first IIA to provide the inspection service for the now popular high pressure seamlessaluminum cylinder and was also first on the scene for the production of the fiber glass and carbon composite cylinders. Having the vision of what was to come. ATI also built the first compressed gas cylinder design test lab inriverside Ca. as well as a remoter test site used for destructive testing in Mojave Ca.


ATI has provide design qualification testing and certifications for every major producer of composite cylinders in the US. Since ATI was the first to open a test lab, we have become well know and trusted globaly. Many foreign governments recognize the ATI Certifications and accept them for use in their contries. We currently are accepting prototypes for design approval from all over the world.


Globally, Authorized Testing Inc. provides audits, on-site DOT, TC, production inspection and consultation services across North America, Europe and Asia. ATI is also recognized by several foreign Governments and are approved to provide inspection and design testing in accordance with their regulatory requirements.


Our corporate goal is to provide the highest level of independent inspection and testing services available to our clients and to promote the continued safe use of pressure vessels and components.


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