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ATI is an international Inspection Agency with clients worlwide. As a convenience for our current and future clients, we offer our website in many foreign languages. Please choose yours below.

Main Office, Riverside California, USA

Authorized Testing Inc. (ATI) is an Independent Inspection Agency (IIA) dealing primarily with high pressure compressed gas cylinders manufactured in accordance with specific government regulations requiring certification as being manufactured and tested in accordance with the applicable Regulations.


ATI has been providing this service since 1973 as a DOT Approved Agency and has since been approved by several foreign governments including Canada’s Transport Canada, and the currently inactive United Kingdom, HSE.


In addition to our US client base, ATI employs several resident inspectors for services at cylinder manufacturers internationally in locations such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Japan and Sweden.


ATI also maintains an ISO 9000 and UKAS EN45004 Quality System relative to the Inspection and Testing provided to the cylinder manufacturing industry.


As an additional service not usually provided by the IIA, ATI has a test lab located at the US main office which provides lot acceptance and design qualification testing in accordance with any regulations requested by the clients. A remote test site is also available for destructive and potentially dangerous testing of compressed gas cylinders and pressure components.


The primary function of the IIA remains constant regardless of the Government whose regulations are being certified to during manufacture. Although not contracted directly by each government, the IIA is directly responsible to the government in that certifications provided are on behalf of that government and are honored worldwide at ports of entry. The Certification generally states that the cylinders listed therein were manufactured in accordance with the applicable government regulations and that all test and inspection were either performed, witnessed and where permitted, verified by the Approved IIA and have met the regulatory requirements.


In order to provide such certifications, the IIA must perform the following inspection/ testing functions and must have ample experience in each area of inspection in order to provide an accurate assessment of the results:


-All materials of construction must be verified as having been produced in accordance with industry standards and complied with the chemical analysis of the materials required for the type of cylinders being produced. This is either verified by documentation or by check analysis which must be witnessed by the IIA resident inspectors (RI).


-Insure proper material-traceability throughout the manufacturing process and reject any questionable material.


-Assure that the documentation being used at each manufacturing station is the currently approved documents and design drawings for that part and that the producer’s document control system does not allow for outdated documents to be in circulation.


-Insure that the products comply with all drawing notes and dimensions including those not directly related to possible Hazmat Safety.


-Verify that all equipment, tooling, instruments and gages that require periodic recalibration are recalled at the proper interval and are within the tolerance permitted for that device prior to being placed back into service. Also verify that the procedures and standards used are traceable to known standards and in accordance with industry ethics and recognized methods.


-Audit the manufacture's recall system to insure proper functionality on a regular basis.


-Provide knowledgeable guidance to the manufacturer relative to all design and safety issues and also provide, when asked, an accurate interpretation of the regulations and assess whether or not there exists a noncompliance due to misinterpretations, or any other reason.


-All areas of dimensional inspection and measurements critical to product safety are either performed or witnessed by the RI or his appointee.


-All tests required by the regulations are either performed or witnessed by the RI or his appointee.


-All documentation required by the regulations must be verified as being complete and accurate prior to any shipments leaving the facility.


-Verify that that identification marks that are applied to each unit are present, legible, unique to that cylinder and in accordance with the regulations.


-Provide the manufacturer with a cirtificate of compliance signed by the certifying inspector for each lot of completed cylinders including lot acceptance test results, material identification and design parameters.


-Insure that all completed cylinders bearing the registered symbol of the approved inspection body are in fact in compliance and do not leave the manufacturing facility without satisfactorily being subjected to all of the above inspections and testing.


Ultimately, it is the IIA's duty to correctly certify that each manufactured cylinder unit is made in compliance to relevant, applicable government standards; therefore providing the end-users a product that will afford them quantified years of safe and reliable service.



Sharon Fountain, President.


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